title String Theorys

One of the most fascinating physical theories, the string theory, as told by one of its greatest interprets, Edward Witten.
The dream of science is to unify all physical phenomena into a single theory that can explain space, time and every force of the universe; the string theory, its origins and its many variations, the search for the ultimate understanding of reality.



The need for new theories
1.    The revolution of relativity
2.    Evolution of the quantum theory
3.    Before the string theory
4.    The need to unify the theories

The string theory
5.    Quantum mechanics and general relativity
6.    A fascinating theory
7.    A first idea of strings
8.    Difference between quanta and strings

The superstrings
9.    From strings to superstrings
10.    Supersymmetry
11.    Reconciling two different theories
12.    A new concept of symmetry
13.    The debate on string theory

Many aspects of a vision
14.    The five string theories
15.    The extra dimensions
16.    Like a hologram
17.    The M Theory
18.    A surprising consistency
19.    The strings and the change of the universe

The research
20.    Cern
21.    New hope from Cern
22.    A broader understanding of nature
23.    Conclusion

24.    Edward Witten