title Human Genome

The great scientist James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine in 1962, tells us about the Human Genome Project and his ambitions.
In 1988, when the U.S. Congress gave the official go-ahead to the Human Genome Project, it opened a season of great excitement in the field of biology. The objective was to identify the genetic code that every human being carries in its cells. The fundamental stages of a race to reach the sequence of life.


Exploring DNA
1.    The sequence of bases in DNA
2.    The alphabet of life
3.    The study of DNA

The Human Genome Project
4.    The start of the project
5.    An extraordinary laboratory
6.    Craig Venter
7.    A challenge between public and private
8.    The goal of sequencing

Health and knowledge
9.    From the genome the understanding of diseases
10.  Genetic diseases
11.  Information detected by the genome
12.  Health is in the DNA
13.  The gene that fights cancer

Ethics and genetics
14.  Ethical questions
15.  Genetic diagnosis
16.  A better quality of life
17.  Genetics and the new generations
18.  Genes and behavior; from animals to humans
19.  The genes of personality
20.  Behavior between genes and the environment

21.  James D. Watson