title Maxwell

Sheldon Lee Glashow, Nobel Prize Winner for Physics in 1979, describes the history of electromagnetism.
Electricity and magnetism; two physical phenomena strongly linked to each other, two forces that have revolutionized everyday life. From Franklin’s lightning rod to the experiments of Galvani and Volta, and the fundamental discoveries of Faraday and Maxwell; the path of science to the conquest of electricity and its unlimited power.


Magnetism in history
1.    Introduction
2.    The Greeks, electricity and magnetism
3.    A world without electricity

Electricity and magnetism
5.    Similarities and differences
6.    Positive and negative electricity
7.    From the law of gravity to the law of Coulomb

Two Italian geniuses
8.    Galvani and Volta
9.    Dancing frogs
10.  Volta’s battery
11.  The legacy of Galvani and Volta

12.  The life of Ampère
13.  The birth of electromagnetism
14.  The life of Faraday
15.  Faraday and the magnetic induction
16.  Electric field and magnetic field

A modern genius
17.  The life of Maxwell
18.  A new definition of light
19.  Light and the light bulb
20.  The measurement of light
21.  The revolution of radio waves
22.  The era of electricity

23.  Sheldon Lee Glashow: Nobel Prize for Physics 1979