title Max Planck

Nobel Prize Winner in Physics Sheldon Lee Glashow presents a revolutionary theory and its creator.
The insights, experiments and achievements of Max Planck and his successors. How the understanding of the invisible structure of matter has paved the way for futuristic technological applications, from the laser to the cellular phone. It’s a new vision of physics; one of the most famous theories but also the most complex of modern science.


At the end of the nineteenth century
1.    A new technological era
2.    A strange phenomenon: the thermal radiation
3.    Max Planck
4.    A new vision of physics
5.    Quantum mechanics

Atoms and light
6.    The true nature of light
7.    The photoelectric effect
8.    Applications of the photoelectric effect
9.    The planetary model of the atom
10.  The stability of atoms

Quantum mechanics
11.   The birth of quantum mechanics
12.   Heisenberg and probability
13.   A theory of quantum mechanics
14.   The fathers of quantum mechanics
15.   From quanta to teleportation
16.   The quantum vision of the periodic table
17.   A step forward thanks to Pauli

An innovative physics
18.   The discovery of the positron
19.   Paul Dirac, the new physics and antimatter
20.   The complete vision of the atom
21.   The electroweak theory
22.   A theory for the unification of forces
23.   The importance of quanta in everyday life

24.   Sheldon Lee Glashow: Nobel Prize for Physics 1979