title DNA

The discovery of the structure of DNA through the words of one of its creators, the Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine James Watson.
In the mid-nineteenth century biology had taken great leaps and bounds thanks to the research of Mendel and the discovery of DNA. A century later, a couple of fundamental questions still keep scientists searching: what is DNA made up and how is its hereditary information transmitted? The story of a sensational discovery and the dawn of a new era in genetics.


A research idea
1.    Essence of life
2.    Inheritance of characters
3.    The meeting with Luria

A team of bold young people
4.    Encounter with Crick
5.    Genes and DNA
6.    A first approach to the DNA model
7.    Components of DNA

A historic discovery
8.    Competition between the two sides of the ocean
9.    The discovery of the double helix
10.  Towards the Nobel Prize

From DNA to genetics
11.   Genetic code, RNA and proteins
12.   The transmission of messages
13.   A new era of genetics
14.   Rearranging DNA for research

15.   James D. Watson: Nobel Prize for Medicine 1962
16.   Francis Crick: Nobel Prize for Medicine 1962