title ethics
Nobel Prize Winner for Economics, Amartya Sen, invites us to reflect on the key concepts of economics, ethics and justice.
Is it possible to combine ethical values ​​with the laws of the market? What are the definitions of social justice and well-being? The sharp analysis of economist Amartya Sen and his idea of economic development, inseparable from the values ​​of democracy and freedom.


1.    Economy and ethics
2.    Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations
3.    Theory of social choice
4.    Economics of well-being
5.    Society, majorities and collective choices
6.    People, preferences and democracy
7.    Politics and dialogue: the idea of democracy
8.    Idea of justice in society
9.    Liberalism and distributive justice
10.  The West, the crisis and the welfare state
11.  Errors of the European Union
12.  Usefulness, happiness and justice
13.  Reason for happiness
14.  Well-being and human functioning
15.  Capabilities approach
16.  Europe between austerity and growth
17.  China and India: successes and failures
18.  What we should learn from the world